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The Road To Independence: WHC Services

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At the Women’s Housing Coalition (WHC), our number one goal is independence. Although giving our residents a safe, clean place to live is part of that process, it is just one piece to the puzzle. We believe that a combination of housing and programs is what sets these women and their families on the path to independence.

We offer many different in-house programs at WHC such as:

  • parenting classes

  • nutrition classes

  • one on one budgeting assistance

Another way we help is to link residents to:

  • tutoring for children
  • visiting nurses and therapists
  • dress for success workshops
  • and so much more!

These programs are designed to give our residents the skills and resources they need to meet their goals and gain independence.

In this video, we hear first from Shereese, whose son Deonte had speech problems. She speaks highly of one of our case managers, Pam, who helped Shereese get her son help with his speech.

Next, resident Renee tells of the important life skills that she has learned during her time in WHC. Simple things, such as how to open a checking account, how to create a resume, and how to use computers are things that Renee is deeply grateful for.

Marika recalls her children creating a Christmas wish list, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to provide for them. WHC helped to arrange gifts for her children and take the stress away from Marika during the holidays.

Along with these programs and opportunities to support our residents, we also provide opportunities for our residents to get a GED and take college classes. Jane, one of our board members, sums it up best by saying, “One of the things we strive to do here is to make sure we don’t have a repeat generation of homelessness with the kids that we’re serving now. So, in addition to serving the moms, we’re also serving the kids and helping them realize that they can do whatever they want with their lives.”


We believe that our services help these women and their families continue on the path to independence and allow them to grow personally and improve their self-esteem. To learn more about how you can support our cause, click here.

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