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Women’s Housing Coalition: Our Story

Photo courtesy of Marika Floyd

Our story begins in 1979 with a group of women who wanted to reduce the distressing number of homeless women in Baltimore. Flash forward just one year later and that same group of women began finding buildings where these homeless women could go and begin to live again.

Women’s Housing Coalition (WHC) has come a long way since then, having opened our first single room occupancy (SRO) project for the homeless in 1990 and also the first permanent housing for homeless women.

What started out as a desperation to change one small part of the homelessness problem in America became something so much bigger than that for us at WHC. Taking women and children off the streets of Baltimore does so much more than put a roof over their head. It gives them a chance to restart. We give our residents a shoulder to lean on and the tools they need to live a life they will be proud of. If you know someone who might be perfect for our program, please check out our criteria here.

Our goal is to provide the women and children we house the opportunity to regain their independence. We offer many different programs such as:

  • finance workshops

  • art therapy for children

  • personal safety workshops

  • book clubs about empowered women

We consistently build our occupants’ self-esteem and make them feel worthy of living an independent, healthy life. We maintain a belief that high quality living spaces will create a direct impact on how the women and children we house see and treat themselves. All of our actions are worth it when we hear one person tell us that their life has been changed or that they have the motivation now to move forward with their lives. Check out some of our favorite stories from past and present residents here.


Our actions are not possible without your help! Even if you cannot donate monetarily, we are constantly seeking household items. Check out our wishlist here! We also accept all types of volunteers and would love to have you help. Together, we can stop the cycle of homelessness that has plagued Baltimore for too long.

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