Inside the House

What A New Home Means For a WHC Resident




As you read this right now, take a moment to look at the space around you: are you sitting in a comfy chair? Do you have the TV turned on to your favorite show? Can you smell dinner cooking in the background? Chances are, you are reading this at home, in a space where you feel safe and comfortable.


For our residents, there was a time before WHC when they did not have these comforts. For some, they were living in the streets, just trying to get by day-to-day. For many, loose change was scraped together on a daily basis to come up with food for dinner.


What we provide for our residents is something so powerful and transformative, it has the ability to change lives forever. We take women who are down on their luck, beaten down, with little self-esteem and give them a secure place to live. A place that they can raise their children, a place where they can sleep comfortably every night, a roof over their heads.


It’s incredible how providing a person with a stable living environment can change their life. Housing is one of the most basic tenets of life. By providing housing to our residents, we’re giving them the opportunity to make the changes they need in their lives, without worrying where they’re going to sleep tonight. We’re giving them the tools necessary to work towards their goals such as obtaining a steady job, working on their education, attending to major health or mental health issues or remaining clean.

We cannot do what we do without our wonderful supporters. If you would like to support WHC, click here.

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