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King Of Howard Street Highlights Affordable Housing Crisis In Baltimore



“The King of Howard Street tells the real-life story of Anthony Williams, an amazingly resilient and talented individual who lived in abandoned buildings up and down Howard Street for over 20 years. Several years ago, Williams – who is recently no longer homeless and currently a housing rights advocate – began to chronicle his life story and the stories of the friends and family around him. A year ago, the Artistic Director of Annex Theatre, Evan Moritz, was approached outside of Annex Theater by Anthony and given three spiral-bound notebooks full of Anthony’s fascinating real life story. Inspired by Anthony’s story, Moritz commissioned playwright Ren Pepitone and director Roz Cauthen to bring this story to a wider audience.” -Baltimore Annex Theater

We not only had the chance to witness this remarkable play that tells a very realistic and powerful tale of homelessness in Baltimore, the Women’s Housing Coalition also was able to participate in a panel discussion afterwards on the affordable housing crisis in the city. Beth Benner (our executive director) together with Adriana Foster (Baltimore Housing Roundtable) and playwright Anthony Williams were extremely forthcoming in their concerns about homelessness and housing in the city and about what should be done to reduce this problem. Many of the audience stayed for this conversation that really helped further illuminate both the tragedies of being homeless and put a personal face on the plight of homelessness. Anthony was honest in both his past and the difficulties of maintaining affordable housing as he lives today. The audience that stayed was treated to a great discussion about the realities of our affordable housing crisis.

Homelessness and the lack of affordable housing in Baltimore is an ever-increasing problem. The importance of The King of Howard Street and panel discussions like the one we were able to participate in should not be overlooked. If we come together as a city on issues such as these, together we can make a difference in reducing chronic homelessness.


Click here to learn more about the play and Anthony Williams.

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