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WHC Back-To-School Wishlist


As most of you are probably aware, Maryland recently passed a law requiring schools to not begin the new school year until after Labor Day. It leaves very little room for schools to wiggle out of the new rule, with the exception of schools that qualify for a waiver from the Maryland state school board. School’s must be considered low-performing, at-risk or a charter school to apply.

What does this mean? Low-income families have to figure out daycare and work schedules for longer than previous Summers. Imagine the struggle of trying to afford extra days of daycare when you can barely put food on the table as it is. While many states across the country are starting school earlier in an effort to reduce the economic strain on families, it appears Maryland is moving backwards.

With that being said, we provide housing and support to many single mothers to help take some of the strain off of them. With school just around the corner, we are looking for help in school supply donations for their little ones. If you would like to donate a book bag, crayons, colored pencils...etc, please contact us today!

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