Women's Housing Coalition Gets Makeover

August 12, 2016

Baltimore, August 12 2016….Women’s Housing Coalition (WHC), a Baltimore nonprofit dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness for women and children, will be getting a one-day extreme makeover of its offices at 119 East 25th in Charles Village by a team from BD Life Sciences Diagnostic Systems in Sparks MD. The project, which happens on Friday, will result in well over $5000 in office improvements at the nonprofit’s headquarters.

“As a small nonprofit we strive to invest every dollar we raise to provide safe, affordable housing and support services to homeless, low income women and families in Baltimore City,” says Beth Benner, WHC’s Executive Director. “Getting a corporate partner like BD to come in and modernize our working environment will make a significant difference in the morale of our dedicated staff and enhance the experience of the women and families who use our services.”

BD approached the organization through its company-wide Women’s Initiative Network (WIN). According to BD’s Sarah Robles who is leading the project team, the company had researched nonprofits in the region that focus on empowering women.

“WHC stood out in its ability to help women facing very serious life challenges brought on by homelessness,” Robles said. “What they are doing aligns completely with our global WIN focus on empowering women with skills, knowledge and experience. For the women who come to WHC that empowerment helps them to retake control of their lives.”

During the day of service 25 BD associates will redo the reception area of WHC’s offices; demolish and remove substandard office furnishings; install new desks and workstations; and refresh the office’s appearance with new paint and physical enhancements. According to Robles, their goal is to make the nonprofit’s work spaces more efficient, enhance workflow, and create a welcoming customer service for the women who go there.

“As a global healthcare company BD understands the critical importance of creating the best possible workplace environment for its associates and customers,” said Benner. “Bringing that expertise to bear on our environment and work will boost our productivity and pride in what we do at the Women’s Housing Coalition as well. And, most important, it will let the women and families we serve know that we value them and believe in their future success.”

About BD

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