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The View From My Room - Leslie
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2015 Spring Spectacular Fundriaser 
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Our Services - What It's Like for Our Residents
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Our Community - Me to You to Us
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Our Impact - What Difference Do We Make?
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RC is a vibrant beautiful and extremely talented young woman with a soft and humble demeanor. She came to the WHC in August 2004 where she quickly progressed in our programs. Less than a year later, she relocated to the Scattered Sites program where she currently resides. 

RC had a dream to obtain a High School Diploma and enroll into the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Year after year, she put off taking the GED exam as she stated, “I was nervous about the math portion.”  Finally, in early 2008 the WHC assisted RC with enrollment at the Baltimore City Community College for GED courses and RC received her High School Diploma in September, 2009. Read More

“I always believed that it was a generational curse; however, I’ve decided to break that cycle by becoming more in tune to who I am so that I can see a positive outcome within my own family.  I love who I am today, I now have peace within myself.”

 Tangie was referred from Family Recovery Program (FRP ) last November and resides at one of our family homes.  She is a mother of four and has 19 months sobriety. She graduated from FRP in March 2011 with “Soldier of Sobriety” awards.Read More


It’s my anniversary! Fontella yelled coming down the hall to my office. She knocked on my door to inform me that she is proud to announce that she is now 3 years clean of drugs and alcohol. It had been years of fighting back and forth with her addiction. Fontella remembers how it all started at the age of 7 her stepfather introduced her to her first drink of alcohol. Her family loved to party and they loved to drink... Read More


Tonya has made an arduous journey, and anyone trying to hold her back now would have better luck stopping a thirty-car freight train. Tonya was working as a Certified Nursing Assistant until 2004, when an illness cost her both her health and her job. She had spent a career caring for others, but now no one was there to care for her. She was homeless and jobless, until finally, after 5 agonizing years, Tonya was referred to the Women’s Housing Coalition (WHC). Then, everything changed. Read More


“This time I surrendered,” said Antranette in 2009. She realized she’d have to permanently change her surroundings to change her life.  Over the previous twenty years, she tried many rehabilitation programs and transitional housing, but she always returned to her old neighborhood and family. As much as she didn’t want to leave her children in foster care, it was the only way she could fix herself. Finally, she did just that—fixed herself. Read More 

"I used to say 'I can't wait to be normal again.' I'm getting it back to normal," said one of our newest residents Natasha. On June 27th, she, along wither her three teenagers, moved in to a WHC scattered site apartment. Read More

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