Inside the House

Restoring A Sense Of Dignity In Our Residents


For many of our residents, inconsistent living conditions and poor life situations are just a part of their everyday life.  We probably don’t realize how much of an impact our homes have on how we live our lives, but they influence us much more than you may think. Have you ever thought about why, when your home is a mess, you feel anxiety? This is the same thought process, multiplied by 100 for many of our residents.

Housing is not the only roadblock, but is one piece to helping these women get back on their feet and help them accomplish their goals. Many of our residents have been able to gain the independence they’ve so desired, and our positive guidance and the living spaces we provide them is a large contributing factor.

The homes that we place our residents in are located in beautiful, historic buildings in Baltimore, however with their historic background comes the woes of aged bones.  Maintaining the buildings is hard work and can cost a great deal of money. We believe that keeping our buildings’ standards up to par is necessary to help give our ladies their true worth and value. Having a respectable, clean and safe home restores a sense of dignity in our residents that they may not have had before.


That said, your support is needed more than ever to help us maintain our housing for our ladies so that they can continue to work towards their goals without anything hindering their path. Our mission is only possible with your support and is appreciate more than you know! If you’d like to contribute, click here.

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