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WHC Residents Visit National Museum of African American History


Recently, our ladies were able to enjoy a special day, making a trip to the new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. The opening of the 19th Smithsonian museum marks an important time in American history and it’s significance in our country and culture should not go overlooked. The museum holds almost 37,000 objects and explores everything from the Civil War, slavery, politics and religion. This outing gave the residents a sense of hope, added self esteem and value as well as being a wonderful day away from the hard work of their lives.

What in your life gives you hope? What gives you excitement and pride? Many of the things you may have thought of are things that our residents don’t have. As a result, their self-esteem is impacted. This trip empowered our women and gave them hope and pride that they may have been missing.


The ladies were extremely excited to learn about the culture and history that the museum holds, more importantly, being able to connect with that culture in a positive way. Our residents came back from the trip excited to tell their children and/or grandchildren about it and came back with a renewed sense of self-dignity and respect. Check out some photos from the trip below! To support our residents and further our mission, click here.

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