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The Women’s Housing Coalition’s 2016 End-Of-Year Party

Our residents at WHC enjoyed our annual ‘Joy To The World’ end-of-year celebration on December 16th! The celebration was an amazing time where residents and staff came together to celebrate the holidays and another year in the books working towards achieving their goals.

The celebration is a time to de-stress and step away, at least momentarily, from the stresses of the residents’ every-day lives. During the event, the ladies received gifts that were donated and wrapped by St. Andrew’s Church earlier in December. We’d like to give a warm thanks to some of our wonderful friends in the community for helping to collect gifts for our residents including: Tunbridge Public Charter School and Friends School and Meeting House, who put together gift bags for the ladies and Berkshire Associates Inc., who donated the gifts to our residents’ children.

During the event, we also had an award ceremony where we awarded our residents merit certificates that the ladies got to vote on. The awards were as follows:


Jaqueline Phillips

Jenny Wade

Nicole Moss

Barbara Miller


Tarcella Ferguson

Holly Lee

T’Challa Turnquist

Eileen Cotton

Committed to Self Improvement:

T’Lee Cooper

Janiero Williams

Leslie Underdue

Barbara Bullock


Thank you to everyone who has helped to make 2016 such a successful year for WHC and here’s to 2017 being even better! Get involved at Women’s Housing Coalition in 2017 here.

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