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Pending Healthcare Changes: What Does It Mean?




Housing and healthcare are essential, basic tenets to living a successful life. Without access to affordable health care, many American citizens would be unable to take care of themselves and their chance at a successful life would therefore suffer.

Most of us have heard through the many news outlets available about the pending changes to the Affordable Healthcare Act nicknamed “Obamacare.” The revised version of the plan by the new government is on the fast-track to congress and, if approved, it could cause severe impacts for Medicare.

If the changes to the healthcare plan pass, Medicare beneficiaries will see prices extremely raised. What the new plan does is basically repeal all of the reforms on Medicare that the Affordable Healthcare Act put into place. Repealing these reforms essentially dismantles Medicare and puts it into a downward spiral.


If these changes pass congress, more than 20 million Americans could lose their insurance. If the government decides not to fund Medicare, this will directly impact many of our residents and their ability to care for themselves and their children.

The future of healthcare is uncertain and the impacts of these new changes means that the Women’s Housing Coalition will need your help more than ever. Contact us to help.

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