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The View From My Room 3rd Annual Event



We are so excited to announce our third annual The View From My Room event will take place this April 27th at the Cylburn Arboretum from 6-8:30 PM. This event is in support of our mission to help women and their children achieve lifelong housing stability. Read more here.


The Future Of HUD


The future of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has been unclear for the past few months as the new government was getting budgets and plans together, but we recently got a clearer idea of what the future holds for this department. President Trump recently released his ‘America First’ budget blueprint, which included  severely reduced spending in HUD, while drastically increasing the defense budget. Read more here.


Pending Healthcare Changes: What Does It Mean?




Housing and healthcare are essential, basic tenets to living a successful life. Without access to affordable health care, many American citizens would be unable to take care of themselves and their chance at a successful life would therefore suffer. Read more here.



The Women's Housing Coalition Is Growing



The Women’s Housing Coalition is expanding our staffing and volunteering base in 2017. Due to the rising need of assistance for the chronically homeless women in Baltimore, we are adding additional team members in response. Read more here.

Baltimore's Rate Of Homelessness Continues To Increase



The Mayor’s Office Of Human Services in Baltimore gathers data from various sources to estimate the extent of homelessness in the city. Once a year, a PIT (Point-In-Time) survey is conducted. This one day effort attempts to create a “snapshot in time” of the homelessness in cities. Read more here.


Thank You To Our 2016 Corporate Sponsors!


Another year has passed, and we are looking forward to the year ahead in furthering our mission with awesome programs and events! In 2016, we served 107 women and 44 children and opened two gym spaces to better support our women in achieving their healthy living goals. Of the women we housed for at least 6 months, 95% met two or more of their Individual Service Plan goals. We could not have accomplished what we did in 2016 without the help of some amazing corporate sponsors. Read more here.


Navigating A Cabinet Member Change: Affordable Housing


With 2017 comes a year of big changes when it comes to government officials. Ben Carson will now be leading the Department Of Housing And Urban Development (HUD) under the Trump administration. With any cabinet change, there is always uncertainty and fear for the future because we don’t yet know what changes the appointee will make to the current laws and regulations. Read more here.


Women’s Housing Coalition: Our Story


Marika Floyd (6).jpg

Photo courtesy of Marika Floyd

Our story begins in 1979 with a group of women who wanted to reduce the distressing number of homeless women in Baltimore. Flash forward just one year later and that same group of women began finding buildings where these homeless women could go and begin to live again. Read more here.


The Road To Independence: WHC Services


Jason Putsche Professional Photographs 196.jpg

Photo courtesy of Jason Putsche Professional Photographs


At the Women’s Housing Coalition (WHC), our number one goal is independence. Although giving our residents a safe, clean place to live is part of that process, it is just one piece to the puzzle. We believe that a combination of housing and programs is what sets these women and their families on the path to independence. Read more here.


How To Support WHC This #GivingTuesday




Women’s Housing Coalition is once again taking a part in the global movement that is #GivingTuesday on November 29th, 2016. Giving Tuesday is a day of giving back that takes place on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. On this day, nonprofits across the globe ask supporters to come together to support their cause and give back, whether that be with their voice, their time or with a donation. On November 29th, join us in the movement by using the hashtag #GivingTuesday to explain how you’re contributing on that day. Read more here.


Baltimore Water Bill Increases Affects WHC


Staff and Residents_02 (1).jpg


Recently, the City Of Baltimore announced that a new three-year plan was being considered that would raise water bills by about 33%. In addition to this spike in water bills, two new fees would be introduced, an account management fee and a infrastructure fee. The account management fee would be a set amount while the infrastructure fee would depend on the amount of usage per meter. Read more here.


What do you expect during the holidays?




It’s the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ again, the holiday season! Everyone is a little nicer to one another, family comes to visit and there’s just a feeling of love and happiness in the air. At least, for most people. Read more here.


Why You Should Give This #GivingTuesday





The holidays are officially here, and as stores are gearing up to promote their Black Friday sales and families are organizing their Thanksgiving dinner meals, our minds are on the Tuesday after these two days, #GivingTuesday.


Giving Tuesday is a worldwide day of giving back, powered by social media and community collaboration. This day also is the official ‘kick off’ of the holiday season, the time in which nonprofits will receive the majority of their donations for the year. Read more here.


WHC Residents Visit National Museum of African American History



Recently, our ladies were able to enjoy a special day, making a trip to the new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. The opening of the 19th Smithsonian museum marks an important time in American history and it’s significance in our country and culture should not go overlooked. The museum holds almost 37,000 objects and explores everything from the Civil War, slavery, politics and religion. This outing gave the residents a sense of hope, added self esteem and value as well as being a wonderful day away from the hard work of their lives. Read more here.


Restoring A Sense Of Dignity In Our Residents




For many of our residents, inconsistent living conditions and poor life situations are just a part of their everyday life.  We probably don’t realize how much of an impact our homes have on how we live our lives, but they influence us much more than you may think. Have you ever thought about why, when your home is a mess, you feel anxiety? This is the same thought process, multiplied by 100 for many of our residents. Read more here.


The Women’s Housing Coalition’s 2016 End-Of-Year Party

Our residents at WHC enjoyed our annual ‘Joy To The World’ end-of-year celebration on December 16th! The celebration was an amazing time where residents and staff came together to celebrate the holidays and another year in the books working towards achieving their goals. Read more here.



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